How to stop VMware Tools Install en masse with PowerCLI!

May 17th, 2014
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

The other day I was looking at one of my SRM sites and noticed that a CRAP load of VMs were complaining about a CD-Rom mounted, and I was all like, “deh, what is going on!” Well, there was a mass-installation of the VMware tools in place, or at least the tools were mounted.

This is awesome and all, but I didn’t want these VMs to have the tools installer active any more and instead wanted to CANCEL ALL OF THEM!  Sure I could right click on each VM and deactivate the tools installer, but this was for hundreds of VMs, and that sounds annoying.

So, for your benefit and very simply…

Get-VM * | Dismount-Tools

Yes, it is literally that easy. :)  Poof and you’re done! You can call out specific VMs if you’d like, but I think you have that under control by now!

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