Disabling alarms in vCenter and ignoring “Health Status Monitoring” Errors in vCOPS!

January 24th, 2014
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I login to vCOPS only to find that ALL of my vCenters show my health status as 0 and red, removing any real chance of actually seeing if there are any real PROBLEMS going on. It’s annoying as all hell and really removes the chance to actually see what may be going on.   I know what you’re saying though, I can go in to the alerts and clear that Health error.  Yea, I can do a lot of things, but if all I’m going to be doing is removing the alert and effectively ignoring it, then the error itself serves no meaning and should be removed!   6

So, here’s how you go about actually disabling this Alert from showing up in vCenter.  Disclaimer; Even with this enabled it will OCCASIONALLY still show up in vCOPS. I don’t know why yet, and when I solve as to WTF that means I’ll publish said results.   Though in the meantime here are the steps!



Yea you’ve seen this error! The sky is falling, and all that.  Now if you find this error to be pointless and stupid, here are two ways to go about clearing it up!


Firstly, you can pop yourself into the Alarm settings tab, simply uncheck the box to “Enable this Alarm” and bam, the error will no longer ‘alert’ you and appear in your alarms section.  This is awesome. But if you have more than one vCenter like me, I mean not that my 100 vCenters really affords me the need to script this… But sometimes we want to disable alerts everywhere!  

You can run this script and it’ll show you what the status of particular Alarm settings are.  As you can see here, this is configured as “True”


Get-AlarmDefinition -Entity (Get-Folder -NoRecursion) -Name "Health Status Monitoring"


Get-AlarmDefinition -Entity (Get-Folder -NoRecursion) -Name "Health Status Monitoring" | Set-AlarmDefinition -Enabled:$False

By using the Set-AlarmDefinition function of PowerCLI we can very easily change the status of this alarm from True to False, effectively disabling the alarm and setting us up for “teh win”.   What is even more awesome, is if you have other Alarms you’d like to disable, like License Logging Monitor and various other alarms you can simply run the same syntax changing the –Name and disable away!  Awesome, right?!

This personally saves me loads of time and not having to login to every vCenter to clear the stupid Alarm from appearing in the list.   Hope this helps you!

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