vSpecialists get the job done! (#VMworld EMC vSpecialist Rap Video!)

August 31st, 2010
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Whoa, wait a minute, cut that track, Yo Dre.. What is this?!? A Rap Video by the vSpecialists?!?

Yea, seriously, this IS a Rap Video! Albeit sure you’re saying “Wow, isn’t that Circa Chicago Bears in the mid 1980’s with the superbowl shuffle?!” And I would go so far as to say.. The bears were rockstars at that time were they not?    This is simply a further reference to just how far these guys go the extra mile, both in their ability to get things actually done (as they say so in there) but a testament what each of these individuals do.   When they’re not busy doing their actual jobs, or studying or taking exams, or writing blog posts, or writing chapters for the next greatest Virtualization book you’ll be buying… or traveling all over the place, OR building out LABS and testing out things in every possible configuration and publishing the results..

Well… when all of that is said… and all of that is done.    They make rap videos! :)

I hope you enjoy it! The Production quality of this is absolutely AMAZING! I saw it on a big screen and I was floored at how well it was done (I always judge for production quality before I even look at content.. and the content is crazy good times ;))

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