EMC Unified Storage Guarantees my speedometer will always be 20% faster!

July 6th, 2010
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Hi, my name is Erik Estrada, you may remember me from such YouTube Video’s as Speeding Ticket w/Erik Estrada – EMC 20% Guarantee

This is actually a particularly funny video – Any time a celebrity shows up in a video, it’s pretty funny. :)

First thing I did in this video was deeply analyze it with loads of commentary! (You may notice I didn’t do that in my previous post, EMC Unified Storage Guarantee improves your Golf Game by 20% – Which is accurate because… Golf isn’t my thang so much, so improving my game by 20% isn’t saying much ;) that and it’s good to take a break from discussions)

But this video in particular… it drew up a few questions to the top of my mind:

  • Is that really someone’s car with a CIO license plate in california?! (I considered calling it in to determine who owns that plate… but I didn’t.. ;))
  • Is Sarah Phillips intended to represent someone internally/externally? (Not sure, I couldn’t find anything which jumped out…)
  • Why is it she only handed pieces of paper?! Is that the new greener California License?! made of paper?! :)
  • Why isn’t Sarah wearing a seatbelt? (Yes, I realize this is staged… :))
  • If I got pulled over for 78 in a 65… well, let’s just say, I’m glad I work for EMC… ;)

All in all though, it’s a fairly funny video which quite frankly… if I could get a 20% guarantee on my speed limit, I’d be ALL over that – Though with that being the case, I’d hope that everyone else on the road equally had a similar 20% guarantee or at least introduce some vehicles for us to get to FAST (Oh my god that was a terrible tie-in/joke! :))

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