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October 21st, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

In light of a recent post by Kate where she analyzes and comments on her Google Analytics, I’ll do the same (this also applies to my respective WordPress Stats :))

So, lo and behold the following – Top keywords people find this blog under!

  • 70-432, 70-656, 70-652, 71-432 – Apparently, a lot of people are searching for a lot of MS Certification exams.  And to that point, a majority of the keywords tend to be active based upon specific Cert numbers
  • pciven_8086&dev_4227 – Oh, that old chestnut!  You’d be surprised how often that comes up! :)
  • ontap 7.3, data ontap 7.3 – Apparently, I’m one of the best sources for material on NetApp’s Data ONTAP 7.3, and I’ve not even touched the surface of the types of things you can do, in general let alone in blog posts.  I have a whole backlog of material I’ve yet to touch, so it’s surprising the following I have as it stands, I fear for the future! :)
  • osql shrink database – This one in particular is huge.   How often are you looking to shrink a database using osql, and you don’t remember how? I wrote it for me, and to share the wealth, luckily it looks like the wealth is being shared!
  • mcts hyper-v – And other Hyper-V topics.   Seems my Hyper-V rig was good enough to stir up conversation and hits around Hyper-V.  If I were to leverage this more, this could be an even more compelling story, though I feel like almost all of Virtualization is ‘yesterdays news’,  lets find the next new tomorrow item, Virtualization is like 4 tires on a car – Ofcourse you have it, now lets make it go faster!
  • defconnectopts – Yea, you sexy little expression you! Damn do I get hit up on this quite often! Get your mad defconnectopts on!
  • christopher kusek – Wow, people searching for me, and finding my blog! Who woulda thunk it! :)
  • enablerpctunnel, rpc over http outlook 2007 – This and variations of this are quite possibly my most hit articles ever.  I wrote this a few years ago, and it’s still references (quite regularly) to this day, to help people get Outlook 2007, Vista, RPC over HTTP.. etc all working together – So go to town! I wish more people commented on it for the volume who get helped :)
  • msde shrink database – This one, similar to the osql one is an especially important one.  “No-one uses MSDE anymore.” Yes, you are correct, except for when they do. :) So, I’m glad this particular item has been able to help out so many as well!

So, while this may not be quite as cool as Kate’s post, it is nonetheless a fairly accurate representation of the type of major hits people come across my blog under :)

Certainly, if you think there is certain material I ought to be covering (in any of these areas or more) don’t hesitate to let me know :) I have content in the backlog meaning to get its way out there, it’s just a matter of time to compose and deliver it! :)

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