Walking up hill, going barefoot (kinda) and new shoes

June 10th, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Shoes are in! Technology is out?! Wait, lets ‘smoosh’ that a bit. Technology is in shoes?!!

This weekend, with a visit to Hanig’s, I picked up some shoes with inherent technology.

The first of these shoes, is the Earth Shoe “Lazer-K”

While on the surface it looks like a regular shoe, it has some interesting technology components.
The primary of which is the ‘negative heel technology’ forcing you into a 3.7degree angle at all times.

Why is the angle 3.7 degrees?

Designed by a Danish yoga master, the 3.7 degrees of Kalso® Negative Heel Technology™ simulates the angle of one’s feet during the Tadasana pose performed in yoga. At this angle, one’s toes are positioned higher than one’s heels, directing primary cushioning to the most weight-bearing part of the foot – the heel pad. This angle further shifts one’s body weight back over the heels, moving you into a more natural, empowered position. This becomes the proper body position to trigger an array of whole-body benefits. It’s a rather small change that makes a sizable difference.

So, what exactly does this mean for the average person? If you don’t get a regular work out, but you do walk from place to place, this will force you into a better posture, give you’re lower back a bit of a workout and your calves. … And whatever else the picture says, but from my perspective… my calves hurt like I’ve been working them out! So I win all around.

Oh, did I mention these are vegan shoes? whoa! :)

They’re extremely comfortable, very easy to work with, slip on and off – and they do get you into a better posture which I’m sure most of us (especially in technology) suffer from.

Once you’re feeling good walking up hills, now it’s time to get out into the wild and run free with our barefoot self!

I am now the proud owner of the Sprint and the KSO!

These “shoes” created and sold by Vibram are the “Vibram FiveFingers” line, which are ideal for getting extremely close to being barefoot without your fears of glass, gravel, feces and other things getting in the way.

The first of these two shoes, the Sprint:

This is a very comfortable shoe, with amazing grip and great ground sensitivity. After putting this on, I had the freedom to run around as I would while barefoot but not having the same restrictions my currently sensitive feet have (stepping on gravel not a problem, woodchips didn’t phase me, etc) and at the same time I could chase after my son in a jungle gym/park with such speed and grace that he didn’t like my shoes giving me that ability! Once I hit the bars, I could climb up with such traction and ability I wasn’t even phased by the activity!

These shoes are particularly cool as they’re open-top and have an adjustable heel section so I can fit it as needed whether I’m out running or chasing my son or dogs!

However, taking this a step further is my other cool shoe the KSO:

This shoe is called the “KSO” or “Keep Stuff Out” for a very obvious reason. It shares all of the benefits of the previous shoe but happens to give you a more ‘shoe like’ look and feel in that it does keep things out. Yet at the same time it is not taking away from your grip, traction and feet upon the surfaces you step upon. First night we got these, I went out for a run. I didn’t run very far or very long, but I did run very fast and very free, and that was one of the first signs of good things to come.

Personally I enjoy going around barefoot, it’s freeing, liberating, requires less shoes, fairly easy to be done; yet there are real risks out there which often times are difficult to overcome. Perhaps over time these risks of glass, gravel and other types of things can be easier to step upon but until that time comes, these shoes give you some of that value, benefit and structure without sacraficing much.

These are as comfortable as a slipper, or well – As comfortable as being barefoot with a hint of knowing protection!

In the case of both of these shoes, I didn’t just happen to stumble upon them and go “Whoa, wow?!” No, like most things, I did extensive research, peer review and a number of activities to ensure that this was something which would be beneficial, useful, and something I can use long-term.

Between working to correct my posture with the Earth shoes, and providing me the ability to get reliable feedback and luxury of being able to move as-close-to-barefoot as possible. These shoes will definitely be used!

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