Crossloop Marketplace? Monetization and delivery mechanism to help you meet and deliver?!

April 22nd, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Yes, that is indeed what I am talking about! This is quite absolutely one of the coolest things ever!

I’ve talked about Crossloop before, and their amazing Client for helping others with problems in an easy (and free) manner, the likes which is similar to WebEx, yet they’ve taken this ease of access a step further!

Now you’re able to actually connect up with other people who *have* problems, and be monetized in your own way to help them out!
I think it’s quite absolutely so cool – it has a system similar to Ebay’s for keeping track of success/failure, but beyond that; having this marketplace available in which you can help other people, and respectively be helped is definitely so cool.

That is not to say that I’ll utilize it as a venue for monetization but I love the idea! and I’m always game to help out with things when not absolutely swamped!

Taking it a step further, they even have the ease of access and ability for you to promote your own profile out on any number of networks in the world (further, another absolutely cool thing!)

I definitely encourage anyone to check this out, if you thought it was cool before, it has crossed new boundaries into taking a good idea, adding some extra value-add to it and exploding into a completely amazing model of success!

Some particular parts I’d like to note out specifically which raise this to its new level of ‘nothing ever before like it’ capacity.

  • Help Marketplace – Providing a mechanism to search for helpers and contact them through this marketplace
  • Enhanced Profiles – With rate cards, enabling you to specify your currency and costs for assistance
  • Robust User Support base – These qualified experts across all classes, searchable and available to the general public for assistance!
  • Ease of Access – The same ease of use as available in the past, has exploded in a new form; allowing for you to do more with less!
  • This is quite possibly one of the best things I’ve seen come about this year, greatly innovative, needed, and community focused.
    I’m personally going to reach out to them, see if perhaps they’d like to introduce this amazing system to our friends at the CWUG!

    This is truly very cool, So cool infact, I even created a profile on there!

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  • Mrinal says:

    Thank you from all of us Christopher – We love your enthusiasm!!

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