“Failed to read the allow and block list data” in Live Communication Server

April 27th, 2006
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

When you experience this error message while trying to “Edit allow and block list” of a user, the solution is in the DNS.

To correct this issue, simply create an ‘A’ record for the LCSPool to have an IP Matching the LCS Server’s IP Address.

Flush the cache, and then you should be able to edit the block list data, and the clients should then be able to communicate properly.

~Christopher Kusek

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  • Kevin says:

    Hey Christopher,

    I have tried this out and no luck. Do you have any other suggestions on fixing this or pointing me in the right direction?

    Thanks much,


  • Kevin, have you followed the rest of the references as chronicled in the Best Practices and White Papers for the LCS installation and configuration?
    I can find them if you need, otherwise.. usually after all is said and done, and you still end up with this issue, it’s an LCSPool A record issue.

    On the server, you are able to resolve the LCSPool, right?

  • patslaiby says:

    Dear Christopher,
    I tried everything to resolve this problem but no luck.
    I can resolve the lcspool from the server,it’s properly added in DNS.
    Any suggestions?

  • You still experiencing this problem?
    I’ve found waiting a short bit can come about to a resolve (with proper DNS and AD replication)

    Let me know, shoot me an email or otherwise I can help.

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