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June 6th, 2012
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

I know what you’re saying, “Hey, Christopher isn’t asking us to take time from our schedule to go vote for some sessions, right” Yes.  Yes I am.  I don’t think you could have possibly understood any clearer exactly what my intentions were so wholly in one single breath!    Seriously though, Voting is ENDING I know that a lot of you still haven’t voted, waiting for the last minute potentially.  Guess what.  We’re at the last minute! Let’s take the opportunity to vote for some sessions, several of which are near and dear to my heart.    This won’t be an overwhelming list.   Just a few sessions which will be epic, presented by people I care about who are also rock stars in their own right, so who wouldn’t want to listen to them ‘blah blah blah’ about virtualization, right?

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The following session is my own. Please vote for it.  Thanks! :)

Session: 2318 – Title: “Platform as a Service with VMware vCloud Director: As Seen from the Trenches and Ivory Towers”

Description: Come hear Industry Experts and VMware vExperts, Damian Karlson (@sixfootdad) and Christopher Kusek (@CXI) discuss IT Transformation and Platform as a Service enabled by VMware Cloud Director. This session will address the hard and fast facts encountered.   Real world scenarios and challenges experienced by REAL VMware Cloud Director deployments. Drive Platform as a Service from Proof of Concept to Production with insightful tips and tricks., Hard and fast considerations to remove roadblocks to success.   What role does Platform As A Service play in an overall IT As A Service transformational effort?  Architecting PaaS with VMware vCloud Director and EMC VSPEX reference architectures.   Technology is easy, but what about the people and processes?  

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Session: 1968 – Title: “Beyond Cloud Readiness: Is Your Organization Ready for vCloud Director?”

Description: Come hear Cloud Rangers JP Morgenthal (@jpmorgenthal) and Damian Karlson (@sixfootdad) discusses assessing your organization’s readiness for vCloud Director. The vCloud Director product is designed to help organizations deliver ITaaS and implies a certain organizational state. Understand the foundation of delivering IT-as-a-Service, A framework and tools to return back to the office and perform a self-assessment for vCloud Director Readiness, An understanding of the impact of IT transformational activities on successfully implementation. A Healthcare example will be included. IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) requires coherence across systems, policies, processes, organizational structure and business alignment. vCloud Director enables customers to build secure, multitenant hybrid clouds. However, the tool is only as good as the operator.

Session: 2116 – Title: “Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server Has Gone Mainstream – Best Practices For Success”

Description: 2012 is quickly becoming the year that virtualization of Microsoft SQL Server has gone mainstream. Many organizations are pushing to not only virtualize their existing SQL Server platform but also migrate to the new release of SQL Server 2012. How an organization can benefit by virtualizing their SQL Server environment, The proper upfront work and best practices for successful virtualization, What the new SQL Server release does to improve availability over physical deployments. Why is 2012 the year of mainstream Microsoft SQL Server virtualization? What are the benefits of virtualizing SQL. How does Microsoft SQL Server 2012 help drive mainstream SQL virtualization? What are some best practices when virtualizing SQL Server? – Presenter: Matt Liebowitz

Session: 1222 – Title: “Design, Deploy, and Optimize SharePoint 2010 on vSphere”

Description: SharePoint Server is a perfect candidate for virtualization. Physical implementations suffer from many limitations, including time wasted waiting for servers to arrive, waiting for software to load and testing complex HA and DR designs. Application Virtualization, Business Continuity, VMware Site Recovery Manager, Backup, Microsoft SharePoint Virtualization, Healthcare customer example. Introduction and Benefits, Performance, Capacity Planning, Workload Modeling and Architectural Design, SQL Server Capacity and Performance, Deploying to ESX/ESXi, Availability and Recovery – Presenter: Itzik Reich

Session: 2483– Title: “Enterprise Adoption of Private Clouds – What’s the Holdup?

Enterprise private clouds are here. VBlock is real. Clouds provide a vastly improved means for business users to receive the computing power they need, when it’s needed. So why hasn’t traditional IT provisioning been replaced by internal clouds already? What’s the holdup?
This panel will take a look at the compute management and IT provisioning problems faced by large enterprise customers today, how private clouds will solve those problems, and barriers to adoption. – Presenter: Ted Newman, Michael Ryan

That’s right, I am asking you *point blank* to vote for sessions: 2318, 1968, 2116, 1222 and 2483.   These are many guys you know and love such as.  @cxi @sixfootdad, @vCTO, @mattliebowitz and @Itzikr  – So, suck it up, take a few minutes go vote vote vote and let’s rock it out like rockstars.    Does voting guarantee you a place at my #CXIParty at VMworld? Sure. Why not.  Let’s say that. :)    Let’s just say, that’s still in the planning stages (SF is a horrible place to throw a large party!)

Look forward to your votes! Get out there, vote early and vote often! :)

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