New NetApp beta exam! (NS1-060) Accredited Support Engineer

September 12th, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Welcome to another beta exam released in STEALTH!

Yes, this exam, NS1-060, will eventually be launched as NS0-060, and will be for an "Accredited Support Engineer".   So what does that mean? Hard to say, it seems like it may build upon the experience of the NS1-050 exam (which should be just dropping out of beta shortly)

And speaking of the timing, this particular exam will be available (Free $0.00) as a beta until November 7th!!!   Wow!

As usual, I will take the exam and provide a prospective post-mortem following the taking of it.

Be on the look out for other exams, and as I find out more details about it, I’ll be sure to share!

Good luck out there!

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