FaceBook Mafia Wars (by Zynga) secrets ! :)

March 3rd, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

I did a quick search on this (before writing this) and didn’t find anything so I thought “Maybe I’m not the only one wondering about the special loot, Collections and the Vault on Mafia Wars!

Extra! Extra! New Post! – Zynga Mafia Wars – How to win a fight, best weapons, armor and vehicles

First: Special Jobs!

If you’ve been playing Mafia wars at all (I blame Jeff and Aviva for asking me to join)  You will notice there are tiers of skill-sets in the Jobs you are to pull off.


And as you go through these ranks you’ll eventually finish out at level 3 with 3 Stars!


So, what good does this do? What’s the purpose behind actually finishing all this BS on these levels?  Well, here are your winnings!


Pistol Bayonet This gives you +4% damage dealt in fights.
(I thought it was just +4, didn’t even notice the %, omfg!)
Bugati -7% damage received in fights
Golden Skull A 30 second reduction on your health regen timer
Money Plate A 5% discount on property purchases

Additional collectables, based upon comments by Johnny! And Special thanks to Keith for providing the images!

Chainsaw Bayonet a 30 second reduction on your stamina regen timer
State Senator a 5% discount on property repairs
Helicopter A 30 second reduction on your energy regen timer
Private Island a 5% bonus on job experience
Golden Throne 2x the energy regenerated per regen period

Once you’ve gotten past that… you’ll eventually find yourself winning various prizes while you do your jobs and missions.  The list will look similar to this: (These are your collections)


Eventually while you develop your collection, you’ll obtain 7 of a single type, and you can then vault it.   The two things I’ve vaulted look like this:

Mafia Wars Vault

If you cannot make that out, that is +6 energy, +2 energy and +5 defense.. all for playing the game in general.

So, nothing special otherwise has been revealed.

Okay – Some updates! Also if you happen to have the entries which are missing, let me know and I’ll be sure to update the list here!

Diamond Flush, Heart Flush, Sculptures, Poker Chips

Club Flush, Boxing, Cigars, Spade Flush

Billards, Rings, Ties, Paintings

Cufflinks, Barber, Great race Horses

I’ve also included what I have so far as Cuba stuff, and the other added NY things!

Rum Drinks, Tropical Fruits

Also, the new Cuban Business Model is interesting


Be sure to invest your money in cuban businesses early and sell often if it nears filling up, because money is very difficult to come by in Cuba, even the top missions pay out at around a 3k max.

Though, here is a little ‘tip’ for those of who you get bored of constantly fighting and having to search/click.   Right click on an opponent who has a listing which you can defeat.  Copy the url, then open a new tab,  paste it, and keep click/entering on the url until you need to visit the hospital or are out of Stamina.   Yes, I am lame, but hey a lot of stamina gets boring!

Let me know if this is helpful, and when I come across other cool revelations I’ll list what those are here.

Also, if you’d like to join my Mafia in Mafia wars, or be my friend on Facebook in general, feel free to add me ;)

Also, if you’re on twitter, I love friends there too :) @cxi on twitter!

And for more information, check out my updated post

What’s new in Zynga’s Mafia Wars

Extra! Extra! New Post! – Zynga Mafia Wars – How to win a fight, best weapons, armor and vehicles

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  • Greg

    Is there any way to find a particular don. There’s one that keeps hitting a particular person in my family and I don’t know how to go after and put the smack down on him. He hasn’t robbed or attacked me so I only have his name but no way to click on his name to attack him. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Kevin

    how many times to you have to fight the bosses and the snitch and dective in the lower levels i still have major items left for boss fights but i have complted those levels do i neeed to go back and fight them again i fought them all only once

  • Morris … The DC Don

    I just started playing today..April 24th, I could use any and all help in my mafia. Morris Dutch Parsons.

  • Joe

    I have found that when buying property, never buy LESS than 10 at a time. The more properties you have (of the same kind) the better you can defend them.

  • Corey

    Ok I keep getting robbed eventhough i buy property protection. How do I stop it? i was so pissed, i just sold the properties. When i go to rob them, my mob doesn’t fight with my best weapons and I lose every time. We are the same level so i don’t get what i’m doing wrong. Thanks for your help

  • [WClan] Ba?uché Knuckelvicz”, level 81 Mogul

    To those who are wondering how they can grow their Mafia: search the word “Mafia” in Facebook and join the various “add mafia” groups. Join as many groups as you wish, post your own request for people to add you (remember to include your “link”) and then add the others who have posted their “please add me” stuff. In a matter of days, you will have grown your Mafia. (In about a week, mine grew from around 70-something to almost 400.)

    Secondly, put all of your Skill Reward points into Defense points.

    Thirdly, make sure you have the best vehicles, weapons and armor for every one in your Mafia.

    Fourth, if you are wondering why the next levels of Jobs aren’t appearing, try looking at the little “tabs” just above the Jobs. It should say something like:
    Street Thug
    (lvls 1 – 4)
    (lvls 5 – 8)
    (lvls 9 – 12)
    (lvls 13 – 17)
    (lvls 18 – 24)
    More Jobs
    (Levels 25+)

  • Don Miller-Level 126

    2 things need help-
    How do I get my link so I can post it to get Mafia Members?
    Also I just got the Helicopter and found that it does not change my timer, it is still 5 minutes, anyone know why?

  • nathan [WCM] COld Dish

    Don. The developers of Mafia wars did not build that fix when they were creating the bonuses. Simply refresh your page and it will show the correct amount even if it does not show the correct timer.

    Also the easiest way to get that link is set your status message from the mafia wars invite friends page. Otherwise you can use my status which follow and replace the facebook profile id with yours. (the facebook and mafia wars profile id numbers are the same for the same person)

    mine: http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/status_invite.php?from=680872122

  • dale

    To all of you who are getting hit by bullies over and over and spending to repair properties .sell your business
    except Mikes Place, buy more Mikes Places as you increase your mafia, just buy land – i have over 5 billion dollars and most of that came from hits and jobs, i can be attacked 7-8 times by the same player all i lose is health, unless i get paid for helping another member do a job, that money is out there for taking till i log on and put it in the bank.

  • Hi If anyone wants to join my mafia plz click the link Thanks

  • I can not seem to get all the chips required to vault the collection. What jobs do I have to do to get these? I have passed all 3 levels in Soldier.

  • Doreen

    Hey, I have a similar problem like Tina. I mastered all soldier jobs with level 3. But I’m still missing some (actually many) collectibles from that jobs. Is it still possible to get these collectibles from doing soldier jobs, even though i mastered level 3?

  • Kimberly

    I’m at level 210. Just because you mastered a level does not mean you will necessarily find all the collectibles. You just have to keep going back and trying for them. Not sure if gifting is an option yet for you but what you don’t get you can request from your mafia later down the road. Big mafia is key and there are many sites to find new members. Lots of energy is needed as well. If you focus on your fighting, you will be faught and hit listed constantly. Try spending more time with energy and doing jobs and you will advance faster – more jobs, collections. It works for me and I’m hardly ever on the hitlist and never robbed.

  • Doreen

    Thank you Kimberly

  • Yea, I’m in the same boat…I have someone constantly robbing me every day and night. I’ve put hits out on him and he still has me on his radar. I’m currently at a level 53 and he’s at 42. My mafia size is only 17 and his is I believe in the 50’s.

    Anyway, if anyone wants to help reciprocate Mafia memberships here’s my link: http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/status_invite.php?from=647679702


  • What is the value of Mafia Gifting and/or Mafia stuff? I receive may items, such as easter egg bombs, body guards, etc., but these items never show up in my profile?

  • Don Carrieri

    Please let me know if anybody is able to un-vault their collections. I waited for Street Thug level 9 of Diamonds, got one, and vaulted that collection. Since then, I have enough for 2 more collections, but cannot vault them. Is there a way to re-open the vault, add these and re-vault them. If not, I won’t make this mistake again, until after done with levels 1-4 (up to level 3) for Associate level (5 – 8). Thanks for your help!

    Don Carrieri

  • Tim3167

    I’m hoping someone can please help. I think I’m totally missing the point on how to get new jobs.

    I’m at level 22 and have mastered level 3 on all the jobs available, but I seem to be stuck on how to go any further and get new jobs. I just keep doing these jobs for skill pints…but when do I get new jobs?? I still only have seven basic jobs I’ve had forever!!!

  • Dan

    @ Stan – if you’re talking about the external gifting applications, they are utterly pointless, just like all the other FB gifting apps

    @ Don Carrieri – you can only vault each collection once. Any extras you pick up, just hold on to them in case a family member needs them.

    @ Tim3167 – just click on the next tab at the top of the screen to go to the next tier. At level 22 you have Street Thug (1-4), Associate (5-8), Soldier (9-12), Enforcer (13-17), and Hitman (18-24), for a total of 41 jobs available to do.

  • 007

    I’m a level 8 Maniac (don’t blame me! I just started this game). People attack me out of nowhere…how do I put them on a hitlist? I’m furious at them, but the instructions for placing a person on a hitlist isn’t clear to me. It says that I am supposed to go to their ‘Mafia Wars profile page.’ Sheesh. How do I do that? Do I have to be friends with them? I’d be really really REALLY glad if somebody, just anybody, answered my question, thanks!

  • Tariel

    007, just click on their names when they are visible in your events or on the fight page. But you shouldn’t really bother putting people on the hit list when you’re level 8, since most likely the people attacking you are richer and more powerful than you, so if you put a bounty on their heads, they’re likely to return the favor. People generally attack someone several times if it’s profitable and if they know they’re going to win. Combat generally seems to give only 1-3 HP but if someone is stupid enough not to keep all their money in the bank, they are likely to get hit repeatedly. The 10% laundering fee may seem like a big thing, but if you keep your money on you, you’ll end up losing far more than that. This one time I won an 80k bounty and decided to withdraw 10k more so that I could buy a car, but by the time I got to the inventory page, the person I had offed had attacked me three times and stolen about 20k. If I had put the money in the bank and waited, I would have only lost 8k.

  • Tariel

    “Combat generally seems to give only 1-3 HP”– Sorry, I meant to say XP. I read somewhere that the maximum is 6 but I’ve never seen that.

  • Don Kamote

    i’m a NOOB… how many times do i need to beat the BOSSES’ in each level to be able to get rid of them? or are they’re just there no matter how many times you fight them? i’m pretty much in early level but i fought with GianCarlo several times now and i always beat him but the message says im still not good enough and he’s still alive. is that means just leave him and move to the next boss? i need help and i really appreciate it. thank you so much in advance…

  • Don Kamote

    another question for mafiosos, i love to fight! but most of the time i always lose. i even have special loots and gifts given to me by my family. i’m on skilled street level 10 MOGUL with 13 mafia family, i fight someone with less than my family and less inventories than me BUT i still lose not only that i lost my CASH too. HOW can i defeat those guys out there?

  • Laura

    How do you search for specific people to fight?

  • i need mafia members so if you could please pass me around
    my link is http://www.facebook.com/stanstrif

    My Mafia (90)
    “stanstrif®”, level 147 Maniac

    Attack: 60
    Defense: 60
    Health: 130
    Energy: 920
    Stamina: 13

  • Alonatart

    Great idea putting this out there for people. I’ve been addicted for about 2 months now and got to level 35 (just got to Cuba). But I’m always getting attacked and robbed. I haven’t bothered to repair my properties for the past few weeks and pull in a decent amount from them. But the attacks are getting very annoying. I only have a mafia of 9, and am pretty much maxed since no one else I know plays. People just attack me 4 or 5 times in a row. I don’t even bother attacking anyone because I never win :-( Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas?

    I think the only way for me to stop getting picked on is by adding mafia, so if you need mafia too (or just want to be nice) please add me and I’ll reciprocate!

    Join My Mafia: http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/status_invite.php?from=1096671773

  • Don Vito

    When someone attacks you, and their name appears in the news section of the HOME page…..how can you find their facebook ID to send them an DD for your MAFIA??? I figure, If you can’t beat em, join em.

  • Pam

    please Join My Mafia: http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/status_invite.php?from=731911883

    please be in my mafia. I need help.

  • Eric

    What will you get after you vault all the daily chance collection (the ones you get through the daily lotto)???

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  • John McCandless

    the thing about Mafia Wars is it takes time (for most people). if anyone is interested in climbing the ranks fast and quickly have a really good Mafia check out the link at the bottom of this comment. Its a lot better than buyin Godfather points !!!


  • Jag TP

    Facebook Mafiawars. Join My Mafia: http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/status_invi

    Daily player, willing to share rare items, energy and tips.

  • AT

    Hey, I got the golder skull by mastering all three levels of soldier. But my regen time is still 3 minutes, and no, it just doesnt show 3 mins, but is actually 3 mins, since I checked this over a longer duration (10 hours – 200 energy generated).

    Any idea why this could be. Want to know since I am on way to Boss mastery, and dont want to do it if it wont give me 2x regen.

  • Becca

    I am at level 24 and I can not ravel can you tell me why?

  • Capo Cajun

    Thanks…this was UBER helpful!

  • Seth Thomas

    This is probably a stupid question, but I haven't figured out how to purchase businesses in NY. I always see store fronts at the bottom of peoples profiles and I'm a level 83 and don't know what I'm missing.

  • Lorraine

    I have been playing Mafia Wars for a long time, but today I got a notice that I had to have cookies to get the game to load. My cookies are on but I still keep getting that message. I tried to reload from that message but it did not work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • smokediver87

    I'm having trouble receiving Mafia Wars job post on my page. My wife and I have the same friends and she is receiving the post on her page. I've checked all the settings but getting frustrated. Any advice?

  • smokediver87

    I've been unable to receive Mafia wars job post on my page. My Wife and I have the same friends and she is able to receive the post. I've checked all of my settings with no luck. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • anneritajohnsen

    Since sunday, a week ago, i didnt cood play mafia wars. Its was under your uppdate i lost the connecteion with you. I dont now why and i have try everything with no result. I hope you can halp me

  • Elijahkicksbut

    i cant find my collections???

  • Donnatella

    Hi, I’ve been playing for almost a year now. This game is messed up. Half of the stuff I haven’t vaulted has disappeared but I still receive the items as payouts for dong jobs. I only attack if I am attaked first. Lately when I attack someone back there’s br across their property whic says DO NOT CROSS. I can’t rob them but they can rob me. I don’t understand this. The one thing that ruins
    gameplay is all the pop-ups. I send half the time clicking through pop-ups. Frankly know when to send gifts and I prefer to send them when I choose to. Half of my mob ignores me if and when I need items for building they don’t see it. Oh well..I still like Mafia Wars.

  • jwap69

    Hello Donnatella, I have the same problem,not many friends can be bothered to send stuff and regular energy packs are a must. Any room in your mafia family???

  • Bearfrog1122

    how do i vault the items in facebook…i am stuck here n need help

  • Amafui

    hi, i have mastered all newyork but the golden throne and everything is stating inacctive. why is dat.

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