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June MSPress Free Anniversary E-Books available until June24th

June 17th, 2009

Microsoft Press 25th Anniversary “Free E-Book of the Month” Offers
This will be our last month to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Microsoft Press with a free e-book offer. This monthly offer can be found in the top right corner of this monthly newsletter. It expires on June 24, 2009, so download the e-books today:

Programming for Unified Communications with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2
By Rui Maximo, Kurt De Ding, Vishwa Ranjan, Chris Mayo, Oscar Newkerk, and the Microsoft Office Communications Server team
Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Resource Kit
By Rui Maximo, Rick Kingslan, Rajesh Ramanathan, and Nirav Kamdar with the Microsoft Office Communications Server Team

image image

So, get out there and download the last month of free ebooks!

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Free E-Books for April – Early announcements!

April 9th, 2009

Thanks MSLearning for the heads up!

Yes indeed, there will  be 2 new books this month, but the links to download them will not work until April 15th! So you’ll need to try the links again then!

Windows Small Business Server 2008 Administrator’s Companion (Pro—Administrator’s Companion) by Charlie Russel and Sharon Crawford

Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition: Build a Program Now! by Patrice Pelland

As soon as they’re available, I’ll update this post with pictures to them as I usually do! Which also is a good way to ensure there aren’t any issues downloading them  like past books (Let’s not forget the massive Vista Resource kit from before :))

So keep on the look out and more free books coming soon! :)

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WTF?! Recession? Tools to get a job, or keep your job!

March 15th, 2009

Here’s a consolidated list of a number of the resources I regularly put up here, so you can find them easier!

Free Training

5 Free Virtualization Training Courses for the Holidays! (HyperV)

I’m not sure how long this is going to last, so I highly encourage you to sign up, get your class registered in and taken!

This course is highly recommended and valuable!

How much does Free Microsoft Learning Cost? (Hint: Free!)

A whole series of Free E-Learning which used to cost a substantial amount of monies, but is Freeeee! Thanks Microsoft! :)

Free Books!

Sign up for the Microsoft Press Book Connection Newsletter now

Just go there, sign up and monthly you’ll receive an email which has the latest free E-books from the MS Press Team! Caveat: the books are typically only available for 5-7 days at a time – so you should act as soon as you get the emails!

More Free Training?!

Microsoft Elevates America with Social Responsibility

More Free Training at the High and Low level, in addition to some kinds of assistance for furthering education!

Microsoft Virtual Labs

Microsoft Virtual Labs

Every wanted to try out a product you’ve never installed, or even downloaded.  Or you want to learn a new application, or even Programming language.  The Microsoft Virtual Labs are the perfect solution there.   They include not only immediately available applications for you to test in a real lab environment, but they also have ‘training labs’ so you can go through an educational process in order to learn the material.   The best part is, you’re not bound by the material either – So if you want to think outside the box of training you can, but if you’re not sure what to learn they provide guidance there!

We’re still waiting for the launch of more Beta Certification exams and other/more free stuff, but definitely take advantage of the resources above as they’re infinitely useful!

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MSPress Windows XP Book Download “Workaround” ;)

February 21st, 2009

If you like me get errors when you click image Well, here is a way around that, so you can get what you expect, and not have to suffer through a lack of download!

Simply right click on the “Download E-Book” icon, and just “Save Link As” or whatever you see in your browser of choice (FF or IE).

It will pull down as a, so you’ll need to rename it, but it should work fine.

(Just completed the download myself, and it works! Hooray!)


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FreE-Books before the 25th! IPv6 and Secure Core for the Holidays

December 20th, 2008

As always, thank you ever so much Joanne Lin (MS) !

For those of you who saw the last Free E-book deal from Microsoft Press, it is back again with another stringent timeline to get it!

You have until December 24th to download these beauties!

With a simple ‘click’ and ‘register’ you can have these two Beautiful E-Books downloaded and in your possession for reading and excitement!

Understanding IPv6, by Joseph Davies

Writing Secure Code for Vista, by Michael Howard and David LeBlanc

image image

If you’re even remotely interested in these technologies, free stuff, books, reading, future certification and anything else – this is the deal for you!

To keep up to date of deals like this, you can subscribe to the Microsoft Press Connection Newsletter.

Happy Holidays, and this gift is wrapped and ready for Christmas and Hanukkah!

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