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Microsoft WebsiteSpark takes the web by storm

December 8th, 2009

You may remember me talking about two other programs that Microsoft has offered up in the past – BizSpark for Startup Businesses, and DreamSpark for for Education;  Now let me deliver to you (Yes I know this was launched in September, but the marketing machine is oblivious to many of us, myself included ;)) So, introducing WebSite Spark!

Microsoft WebSpark - A program that offers visibility, support and software for professional Web Developers and Designers

So, what exactly is WebSiteSpark?

Visibility, support and software for professional Web Developers and Designers – at no upfront cost!*

Does your company have 10 or fewer employees?
Receive Windows Web Server and SQL Server Web Edition at no cost to host new websites. Learn More

Finding an Expert, Training, Support, Software and Solutions

What does this mean for you? 

If you are a developer, designer or more and you need to take your business to a new level leveraging all that is the wonder of Microsoft technologies this gives you all of the tools to get your business off the ground with visibility in the internets! Check it out!

Do you provide services, support and hosting to businesses that develop web sites and applications? Sign up here
*A one-time $100 Program Offering Fee is due upon exit or at the end of the 3 year term.

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Microsoft DreamSpark offers Free Vouchers for Certification?!

April 1st, 2009

Yea, you heard it right! Microsoft unveils program after program to help get people jobs, keep you in jobs and ofcourse increase education and awareness, which certainly helps in the whole job scenario!

Microsoft DreamSpark

So, let me show you just what DreamSpeak has in store for you!

Well, free training and education, vouchers! books and videos!

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Microsoft IT Academy Student Pass

eBooks - Free Books Learning Snacks - Training Videos

The MCTS Free Voucher program is tied to education and being within the schooling system, so do account for that in the account you login with in order to be able to access and obtain your free voucher!  If you choose any of the various schools, it will show you what the expected address type is to look like (looks like a security risk/flaw to me.. but what’s a free voucher amongst friends! ;))

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