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Fixing “Comments are closed” problems on WordPress Blogs with Social

December 28th, 2012

There you are, sitting there posting an absolutely awesome blog post which is getting a LOT of attention. OMG THE HITS JUST KEEP COMING IN! EVERYONE KEEPS SAYING HOW AWESOME IT IS. Yet no one is commenting on it on the blog. WTF is going on here!   So you take a moment to browse over to your blog post everyone is so enamored with only to find in the comments section.

Comments are closed.

And you start freaking out. WTF IS GOING ON HERE!?!? I DIDN’T CLOSE COMMENTS.   It’s strongly possible, that you didn’t.  But you can fix this.

When this happened to me just the other day I immediately started doing searches for “Wordpress Comments are closed” “Wordpress comments disabled” “disabled comments” and every other iteration of it, only to find… a whole REAM of absolutely useless and piece of crap posts and forum conversations which did NOT help.   A lot of them refer to checking the “Discussions” area in the control panel of wordpress… Yea, that doesn’t change over night.

But I also recall some time ago having made a change from using Twitter Tools to “Social” because they claimed the tools I PREFERRED were no longer supported or would function, so upgrades will need to be done.

Here is the kicker, if you are using Social by MailChimp that could be the cause of your problem, so next steps involve visiting your WordPress Control Panel

And you may come across this little gem:

Social by MailChimp may be disabling your comments with it's "Social's Comment Display" - Check the box to re-enable your comments!

Turns out that Social has integrated it’s own Comment Display system… which I’ve never seen and could give a damn for since it essentially BROKE my comments.   So by taking the next step and by checking the box….

By checking "Disable Social's comment display" your old Disqus or other comments should be re-enabled!

All of a sudden my blog went from “Comments are closed.” to enabled and allowing people to COMMENT again! Hooray, right!

If you find this benefits or is useful to you, feel free to COMMENT and let me and everyone else know :)  Also if you do come across other solutions you wish to share in the comments, don’t hesitate to make it known!  Good luck and good commenting!

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Downgrading Twitter Tools

December 12th, 2008

One of our Twitter Tools wasn’t working (Damn upgrading accidentally!)

If you’re one of those folks who has upgraded Twitter Tools beyond 1.1b1 and want to get it working again, here are the steps I’ve taken (consistently) to get it working.

Deactivate Twitter Tools:


Downgrade Twitter Tools with version 1.1b1 (size:69,478)

Upload twitter-tools.php into the /wp-content/plugins/twitter-tools directory

Drop your Database (wp_ak_twitter) – phpMyAdmin if you can

DROP TABLE `wp_ak_twitter`;

Activate Twitter Tools


Tweet a bit in the hopes it makes a difference (It won’t :))

And eventually, after an unknown period of time (perhaps tied to API calls) it will start working.

Tweets will then show up on your blog, and when you post entries to your blog, they will tweet on Twitter on your behalf.   Typically, once you’ve done this it should work within 1-2 hrs.

Disclaimer: This is for people who use Twitter Tools and it stops working after upgrading.  I’m not sure why, nor do I really care why, when it fulfills a specific purpose for me :)

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Fixing Twitter Tools

November 9th, 2008

You ever find yourself in the position where Twitter Tools no longer updates anymore?

The information is aged, old, ancient – Infact, even if you blow away the tweets displayed, the details on your widget do not seem to go away?

One way to get rid of the tweets it has cached are by dropping your wp_ak_twitter database.

That will result in clearing out the data in the database and in the sidebar, but it may not resolve your ability to actually update and receive tweets.

After I dropped the database, it took a considerable amount of time, but -eventually- it started actually pulling updates from Twitter as a whole – So good luck to you others out there, and hopefully you don’t have to drop your database like I had to!

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