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I am honored to be your #vExpert of the Season 2013!

June 1st, 2013

Well, here we are… vExpert nominations have been submitted, the data reviewed and the decisions unveiled as to whom represents the 2013 year of #vExperts and I am humbled and honored to be allowed to continue as a part of this absolutely awesome club.

To get a good feel for who are some of the members of this crazy and wild community that we’re a part of you can see the official list here;
vExpert 2013 Awardees announced

Oh and my fellow #vExperts be sure to take advantage of these folks who support our ability to continue to support the community!
Tintri free polo shirts for #vExperts with your Twitter handle on them!

2013 vExperts, come get a free one-year subscription to TrainSignal!

But enough with the lovefest for us, right?! Albeit… if you’re a new vExpert this year be sure you come say hi, introduce yourself within the community and amongst ourselves!

Some of you may ask the question, “With all this talk about vExperts, how do I become one too?!?!”
The Non-definitive guide to the VMware vExpert Program, Tips, Tricks, How to become a vExpert!

Last year I published this accord to give you a glimpse into the vExpert life, and even some tips on how to make this a reality. Well, with nominations over, and those aligned to 2013 chosen there’s no better time than the present to start fulfilling your destiny to ensure that when this time comes around again in 2014 you too will be on that list. The thing is, being a vExpert isn’t something arbitrary and it doesn’t come lightly. A lot of us eat, sleep and breathe Virtualization. Not because we’re paid to, but because it is a PART of us. It’s important to know that if you should so choose a future like this for yourself… there may be some responsibility resting upon your shoulders… That’s all I’m saying. :)

I congratulate my fellow vExperts and yes for those of you who have been asking, I WILL be attending VMworld 2013 in San Francisco this year, all of my flights have been booked to take me away from this beautiful desert warzone I’ve been spending my time in so I can enjoy my time with all of you and my family for a few weeks! And yes, this does mean there will be #CXIDinners as well! More details on that to come!

Congratulations all of you, this year just got even more interesting!



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Win the Ultimate vSphere Reference Library from Contest ends this Thursday! (Aug 26)

August 23rd, 2010

My good friend(s) at have thrown down the Virtual Gauntlet so to speak and want YOU to WIN!!!

Thanks to Donors like Scott Lowe, David Davis and Eric is enabling you to win THIS!

* A signed copy of Mastering VMware vSphere 4 from Scott Lowe
* A signed copy of VMware vSphere 4 Administration Instant Reference from Scott Lowe
* A signed copy of Maximum vSphere from Eric Siebert
* A copy of VMware vSphere Pro Series Training vol. 2: Site Recovery Manager (SRM), Veeam Management Suite, VMware Data Recovery,
Power CLI and vSphere Advanced Features
from David Davis
* A t-shirt (XL only), bumper sticker and mouse pad
* Just added to the list of prizes, a generous donation from Mike Laverick*
**A signed copy of Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 4.0
**A signed copy of VMware vSphere 4 Implementation

I’m fortunate to call most of those items inclusive in my own library – and if you enter the contest which ENDS this Thursday August 26th.. So can you! :)

Rules are pretty simple… be alive to start.. and then..

Contest Rules:
Beginning today August 8th, 2010 (coincidentally, my birthday!), registration is open. Here’s how:

    1. You must log on to twitter and follow me. Easy enough.
    2. You must post only one (1) comment/reply to this blog post below. The comment must include the following:
    a. Your first and last name
    b. A valid email address
    c. A short bio about yourself and how you use VMware
    d How you plan on putting these prizes to use
    e. What you are looking forward to learning from these prizes
        So what are you waiting for?!? Time is running out! Get out there and join this contest!!!
        You could win what very well may fulfill your destination!
        And you guys tell me.. if you want I can throw in a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate into the mix as well? That’s entirely up to you (Yea, it’s not virtual.. but whatever! ;))

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