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Career Express Day 4 Antonia Pantoja Charter School PA

May 4th, 2009

What do you get when you combine 5th graders, Tablet PC’s and Microsoft Information Technology Academy?   …

At first, we thought that said Fabrikam, everyones favorite mythical Microsoft Test Exam company!

You get an amazing success story of student Technologists at Antonia Pantoja Charter School in Philadelphia, PA!

Ken Rosen @Krosen gets a lot of participation from the students Dana Calleja has everyones attention while discussing Education and Learning

Dana Calleja talks about Woman in Technology Ken Rosen tells his story

Ken answers a question from the students Elise and Jill pass out shirts to an excited crowd of students

This was a great opportunity to get out in front of these young minds of the future, to not only see what they are doing today, but also to ensure they’re aware of the opportunities available to them through their Microsoft IT Academy.    There are ITA’s all across America, and it’s one thing to be a part of an ITA, and it is another thing entirely to leverage the resources available to you.    Take advantage of the ITA’s in your community and ensure your children are set for the future.

Microsoft ITA

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