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FaceBook Mafia Wars (by Zynga) secrets ! :)

March 3rd, 2009

I did a quick search on this (before writing this) and didn’t find anything so I thought “Maybe I’m not the only one wondering about the special loot, Collections and the Vault on Mafia Wars!

Extra! Extra! New Post! – Zynga Mafia Wars – How to win a fight, best weapons, armor and vehicles

First: Special Jobs!

If you’ve been playing Mafia wars at all (I blame Jeff and Aviva for asking me to join)  You will notice there are tiers of skill-sets in the Jobs you are to pull off.


And as you go through these ranks you’ll eventually finish out at level 3 with 3 Stars!


So, what good does this do? What’s the purpose behind actually finishing all this BS on these levels?  Well, here are your winnings!


Pistol Bayonet This gives you +4% damage dealt in fights.
(I thought it was just +4, didn’t even notice the %, omfg!)
Bugati -7% damage received in fights
Golden Skull A 30 second reduction on your health regen timer
Money Plate A 5% discount on property purchases

Additional collectables, based upon comments by Johnny! And Special thanks to Keith for providing the images!

Chainsaw Bayonet a 30 second reduction on your stamina regen timer
State Senator a 5% discount on property repairs
Helicopter A 30 second reduction on your energy regen timer
Private Island a 5% bonus on job experience
Golden Throne 2x the energy regenerated per regen period

Once you’ve gotten past that… you’ll eventually find yourself winning various prizes while you do your jobs and missions.  The list will look similar to this: (These are your collections)


Eventually while you develop your collection, you’ll obtain 7 of a single type, and you can then vault it.   The two things I’ve vaulted look like this:

Mafia Wars Vault

If you cannot make that out, that is +6 energy, +2 energy and +5 defense.. all for playing the game in general.

So, nothing special otherwise has been revealed.

Okay – Some updates! Also if you happen to have the entries which are missing, let me know and I’ll be sure to update the list here!

Diamond Flush, Heart Flush, Sculptures, Poker Chips

Club Flush, Boxing, Cigars, Spade Flush

Billards, Rings, Ties, Paintings

Cufflinks, Barber, Great race Horses

I’ve also included what I have so far as Cuba stuff, and the other added NY things!

Rum Drinks, Tropical Fruits

Also, the new Cuban Business Model is interesting


Be sure to invest your money in cuban businesses early and sell often if it nears filling up, because money is very difficult to come by in Cuba, even the top missions pay out at around a 3k max.

Though, here is a little ‘tip’ for those of who you get bored of constantly fighting and having to search/click.   Right click on an opponent who has a listing which you can defeat.  Copy the url, then open a new tab,  paste it, and keep click/entering on the url until you need to visit the hospital or are out of Stamina.   Yes, I am lame, but hey a lot of stamina gets boring!

Let me know if this is helpful, and when I come across other cool revelations I’ll list what those are here.

Also, if you’d like to join my Mafia in Mafia wars, or be my friend on Facebook in general, feel free to add me ;)

Also, if you’re on twitter, I love friends there too :) @cxi on twitter!

And for more information, check out my updated post

What’s new in Zynga’s Mafia Wars

Extra! Extra! New Post! – Zynga Mafia Wars – How to win a fight, best weapons, armor and vehicles

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