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Oh no! I’ve been put into a Top 100 Tech blogs to follow in 2013! Oh my!

January 23rd, 2013

We all know how these things go, content creators create content, votes happen whether strictly or arbitrarily and then BAM! You get placed on a list!

It’s kind of interesting, kind of flattering, and well, I’m sharing it here because it happened! Here is the snippet of me, and behind the more there are the 99 other blogs mentioned and referenced! I do wish you the best in finding good content here and without! :)

PKGuild by @CXI - Top 100 technology blogs of 2013! - Christopher Kusek

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Google Apps Standard Edition (A present for Sarah)

December 29th, 2008

It’s been asked – Hey what kind of features do you get when you use Google Apps in the Standard Edition?


For those of who you use Google Apps will realize it is free, so you can host your email (as I do) and have the rest of the apps controlled and assigned out there for the huge cost of $0.00

Let’s take a look at a few of the distinctive features.


By the looks of it, I have Webpages (I don’t use) Start Pages (Don’t use!) Email (Do use!) Chat (Use while in Email) Calendar (Don’t use) and Sites also not being used.

One cool feature of User Accounts is Contact Sharing!


A cool specific features for the Domain Settings happen to be some granular control, one feature of which Sarah was interested in knowing!

Automatically enforce Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections when your users access Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Sites

Another cool bit is Service Setting does allow you granular control over each of your Services that you have available.   But those few things aside, this was just an extremely high level look at the Free offerings that Google has as part of Standard Edition

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Get a Prius and Go Further, Faster!

August 30th, 2008

So, I’ve had this Prius since 2006 (I held off until that point for the Tax deduction)

But I thought I’d finally publish my photos especially since I finally got around to getting my pkguild plate within the last year or so.

So if you happen to see me on the road, say hi!


Like my shiny NetApp plate cover? :)

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