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VMware Fusion “Internal Error” and how to correct it!

June 27th, 2011

If you’re like me, all of a sudden you’re getting an “Internal Error” and you’re like WTF?! IT WAS WORKING A MINUTE AGO! AHHHHHHHH!!!    And you go through the normal course of action of googling for answers only to find each and every scenario doesn’t apply to you [Heck, you even DO what they suggest and it still doesn’t work!]   Well, hopefully this finds you in good tidings and will solve your problem fast and furious!

Disclaimer: I try to quantify the scenario which leads up to this particular version of the error and a quick and hearty resolution.  If your situation does not meet this particular criteria.. you may want to go back to searching and trying the other options! Unfortunately, this has hit me too many times for me to let it go unpublished! :)

As with most things, I try to be as SPECIFIC as possible so you can get to the point and solve (even with this verbose dialogue ;))

Standard Operation

There you are, just sitting along using VMware Fusion with whatever your VM type happens to be, and then either you close the lid on your mac, or your VM starts to suspend itself [Or you manually suspend it, doesn’t matter]   But wait.   The VM gets to 99% or so, but never officially ends/closes/suspends.   You cannot “resume” a VM which thinks it is still suspending, so you’re forced to do the following:

Killing VMware Fusion

Activity Monitor: Find your VMware Fusion instance and Force Quit the ProcessAre you sure you want to quit this Process? The Process of killing the VMware Fusion running instance.VMware Quit unexpectedly when Force Quitting the process in VMware Fusion

Well, that seemed straightforward enough! Wham BAM! Process Killed, am I right?! [No. I’m not right ;)]

Internal Error

   You re-launch VMware Fusion, go to open up your VM and OMG IM GETTING INTERNAL ERROR WTF IS GOING ON HERE!

Some of you, first action you’ll take is to go into the VMware Fusion Package and start to remove .LCK files and everything under the sun because you’re panicked! AHHH PANIC!   Well, panic no longer!   There is hope!

What causes Internal Error

If you open up Terminal and take a look at your /var/log/system.log you’ll find the following is happening {cat /var/log/system.log}

Jun 24 12:15:29 CXI [0x0-0x86e86e].com.vmware.fusion[47446]: VMware Fusion Error:
Jun 24 12:15:29 CXI [0x0-0x86e86e].com.vmware.fusion[47446]: Failed to get exclusive lock on the configuration file. Another VMware process might be running using this configuration file.

Recovering from Internal Error

There are two quick ways to get out of this.   One is a reboot [lame!] And the other is to kill the running instance using kill

Use PS to find the process in question [ps –axwww | grep vmware]

Then use Kill to kill the process in question! [kill –9 ProcessID]


Hopefully you found this useful and if not… I’m sure I’ll run into this situation AGAIN and forget how I solved it, and come back to this blog post of my own in order to correctify the situation! :)  If you find this useful at all, let me know so I can gauge just how many of us experience this kind of pain :)

Take care and Good Luck! :)

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I love @Veeam contest, vote, comment and win a flip?!

June 16th, 2009

So, the finalists are in for the contest I mentioned recently OMG! @Veeam backup supports restoring you to @VMWorld2009 to determine who will be voted on their way to attend VMWorld in San Francisco!

I know I said I’d record a video, and yes I did actually record a video but because I wanted Gabe to win, I opted to not compete (Let’s just say.. I’m a pain in the ass competitor and had a strong chance of taking it from him and everyone else ;)) I may post my video later not for credit to win… but that’s not what we’re here to discuss!

The contestants are in! And you have the opportunity to vote for the best! (Gabe) and comment to win a Flip Camera! (Hey, are you telling me, register, vote, comment = win?!)

Then yes, that is exactly what I’m telling you!  Oh, and check out some really cool software which will help resolve a number of challenges in your infrastructure and virtual environment, that too.  Being that a Flip Camera is not the only free possibility, since they have the Free Veeam Monitor Free Veeam FastSCP and more!

So be sure to go out there, vote for the best of the best! (That’d be Gabrie Van Zanten ;)), comment, and win a Flip Camera! (Check out the goods, make your life and job easier, win!)

It’s all so very straight forward! And be sure to check out Gabe’s blog, it’ll be an investment you’re glad you made!

I love Veeam

So, just click the “I love Veeam” above, Vote, Comment and you could win a Flip!

Disclaimer: I am not a shill, I have no affiliation with Gabe other than the best of respect for his contributions back into the community   Were I to compete with Gabe or anyone else on the team, I likely would have obliterated them as I tend to take things considerably too far, and have at my beck and call a series of video editors and production people. ;)  Just so you don’t think this is biased, he deserves to win :)

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OMG! @Veeam backup supports restoring you to @VMWorld2009

May 26th, 2009

Wait, what? I’m not even sure what that means?!   Are you seriously telling me that Veeam will send me to VMWorld 2009 in San Franciso? Where do I sign up?!


Veeam Video Contest. Win a FREE trip to VMworld 2009 !

In this economy, who wouldn’t like to win a free trip to VMworld 2009 in San Francisco?

Tell us why you love Veeam and get a chance to win a free full pass to VMworld 2009 or Flip video camera!

How to participate

Between now and June 15,

And make sure to post your Video to the Veeam Forum!

And… Then you’re done!  If I don’t see any traction from you folks out there, I’ll have to post a video myself (oh my! will @CXI win a trip to San Francisco!?) Don’t challenge me, I might!  So, post post post! Check it out and get yourself a free trip in this economy, oh and VMWorld2009 should be cool too! ;)   If you need some ideas of what/how to post, hit me up on Twitter and I can help you out also… My idea of a video (for me) likely will be drastically different than you can imagine anyway.. :)


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