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Career Express Day 1 Fort Gordon Georgia Highlights

May 1st, 2009

What do you get when you get on a bus at 5AM and drive 3hrs to a US Military base?  Amazing experiences like the types you’ll read about and see in picture form below!

Attentive Soldiers Listening as Dana presents Certification! Ken Rosen explaining... or dancing!

As you can see above, we had a decent turn out of highly qualified IT Professional Soldiers.  The type of training these soldiers receive is far above the standard bar set for other IT Pro’s with such attention to detail paid toward Real Practical experience, that the the value of their training alone is absolutely amazing.

Fort Gordon IT Professionals

The finest of the finest stood around our Career Express bus to show us their colours!

Some other high-lights of this, is that at one point WRDW Augusta Channel 12 interviewed both @chrisrue and myself outside in front of the bus, including a little tour of the bus!

In honor of my phones horrible ability to take photos, I am not including the sleeping while sitting photos taken on our way to Fort Gordon :)  After this point we took off for New Horizons in Atlanta, where I am writing this blog post right now!   Look forward to more details later!

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Career Express Day 1 Atlanta Pre-Events, Loading Bus and Intros

May 1st, 2009

Wow, it’s early! After going to sleep at 2AM last night, I was back up again at 4AM!

Our morning so far consisted of loading the bus with all of the schwag for the trip! What’s that you say? A massive bus loaded with 14,000 pieces of schwag?!? Needless to say we have a lot of stuff for this long journey!

Once it gets light out, I’ll provide some pictures… ?Video?! of the bus, but until that point, I’ll focus more on the actual peoples who are here on the bus!

At this moment, the bus happens in addition to 6 Microsoft Employees from the MSLearning team, another contest winner Chris Rue!

The MS Team itself consists of Ken, Dana, Liberty, Sarah, Elese, Maggie, Ryan!

As things progress, I’ll provide more content including Interviews with folks, and a special video interview with Chris Rue at some point! Until that time… we’re rolling on the road now, so we’re off now to…United States Army School of Information Technology, in Fort Gordon, GA, 8:30am – 11:00am

Also Be sure to join us at:

Until later, here we go rolling on to Fort Gordon!

Here is a picture of Chris Rue featuring the bus! And the rest of the MSLearning getting their Starbucks fix! Can’t get the Seattle out of them! ;)

Chris Rue shows us the Career Express! @MSLearning at Starbucks getting their morning fix!

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