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Getting Microsoft Certified in the United Arab Emirates!

July 31st, 2009

I’m sure you’ve seen my ever so recently posted Microsoft Certification and MeasureUp Discounts 20% off Certs! which talks about how you can get 20% off on Microsoft Certification exams! Cool, right?

Well, there is one misfortune of Safari and it’s ability to actually recognize that I selected ‘u’ and scrolled down to United States – End result? I’ve generated a WHOLE bunch of vouchers for the United Arab Emirates! So if you’re in the United Arab Emirates and are looking for Microsoft Exam Certification discounts (The UAE discount is 10% off) but that’s better than full price!

Let me know and I’ll get you vouchers, and then we all win as you test and pay less!

So, Microsoft certifiers in the UAE! Come on down, let me know! email, comment, message on twitter, whichever! :)

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Microsoft has most certified trainers in the world!

April 5th, 2009

You’ve heard it here first! I’m not entirely sure just how founded that fact I’m proposing is, but take this into account:

Number of active MCTs: 15,251
Number of exams taken (ever) by those MCTs: 513,749
Average number of exams per MCT: 34
MCTs with 50+ exams: 2,682 (18%)
MCTs with 100+ exams: 82
Most exams taken by an MCT: 185 (OMFG!)

If you think about almost any other profession, you may find that you have a few people who are ‘interested’, but a majority of them fulfill the bare minimum in order to be successful in their field.   However in the world of Microsoft? We’re not only “interested” we’re downright passionate perhaps to the point of being almost overly obsessive ;)

Seriously! the bare requirements to be an MCT require you to have at least one MCP (So for any other profession, we’ll call that one certification or degree).  However, these masters of industry on average have 34 certifications under their belt, or in the case of one master –185!-

That’s just a major wow.  I’m not so sure we see this same kind of care taken in the Cisco space or any other industry (Imagine if Educators were this passionate, it would really convey to their students!)

I’d like to thank the Born to Learn blog for sharing this information!

So, you have to ask yourself: If I am not certified, why not?  There is no better time than the present, and no more viable reason if not to join the community of amazing MCT’s!

More information on how to become an MCT is located here.  The MCT is a accomplishment like no other!

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