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A VMworld Public Service Announcement from your favorite #vExpert :) (Book your hotel NOW!) 2014 Edition!

March 9th, 2014

Some of you may have read my past VMworld posts like;

Well guess what.. the time is here again for this announcement! Which unfortunately has some good news and some bad news!

In 2013 I put that announcement of booking your hotel out in January, great, right? It lets you get ahead of things so you can get that hotel BOOKED! Well, this time I sat on it for a few months, hey the warzone gets in the way… It was on my task list and I finally decided to publish this helpful reminder.

Where the bad news starts to slip in is… I was looking at hotel pricing (using as an example) and HOLY OMG. The “cheapest” hotel I could find while still being near Moscone was $269 a night, then it went $409, $469, and then north of $500.  Oh that was with special discount codes too, to make it “cheaper”.  Yea, it’s time to book things, note: booking a hotel ‘reserves’ the room and you can cancel it at any time in theory.

When you use something like Airbnb you’re charged immediately but the prices tend to be a bit more reasonable.

I’m currently trying to line up my OWN Accommodations but I couldn’t let you suffer the same challenge I did while trying to find what ‘housing’ I’ll be pinned down with come VMworld :)   So get out there and get your booking on! Worst case you can cancel your hotel booking and free it up if you find yourself not attending or such!

<3 Your favorite Warzone #vExpert :)

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