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Hack and they shall come! (Seattle Mobile App Hackathon Apr 16 2011)

March 28th, 2011

Mobile App Hackathon


Are you a Hacker? Interested in HTML5/Javascript Mobile based apps, or even looking to transcend beyond that?  Located in the Seattle area (or want to travel to this OMG event?!) Then look no further!  This event is nearly SOLD OUT! So it is best to act now!

So what is this exactly?! I’ll steal little snippets from the official site and registration site!

  • a one-day workshop for coders building mobile applications

    Mobile App Hackathon (@mobilehackathon) is a hacker event for new and experienced developers working on mobile apps. Experienced coders can show off their mobile apps while new app developers will learn from the best.
    The hackathon is the first in a series of mobile development events brought to you by the
    AT&T Developer Program and will include talks from members of the PhoneGap and AppMobi platform teams, Sencha and Apigee. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to show off your app or learn how to create great ones.
    To keep up-to-date on AT&T Developer Events, please sign-up with the program

  • Wow, that sounds pretty cool right? At a high level it can be summed up as:

    Hacking. Mobile. Good food. Awesome prizes.

    Yea, but let’s not over-simplify things, I know you verbose types want to know some of the HARD details! Like…


    Jesse MacFayden Joe Monastiero Sam Ramji Jeff Barr James Pearce
    PhoneGap AppMobi Apigee Amazon Sencha
    Jesse MacFadyen Joe Monastiero sam ramji jeff barr james pearch
    Jesse MacFadyen is a senior software engineer at Nitobi, specializing in presentation layer programming for Rich Internet applications. Jesse has developed large scale applications in PhoneGap, JavaScript, Flash/Flex/Air, .net, and Silverlight. As a major contributor to the PhoneGap open-source project, he is passionate about bringing device level functionality to multiple mobile devices through simple web-tech APIs. Jesse has also created the open source project GloveBox to enable the use of fixed positioning and touch scrolling on iOS + Android devices
    Click here for Jesse’s Blog
    Joe Monastiero is co-founder and vice president of business development for AppMobi, bringing with him 20 years of management experience. Prior to AppMobi, he co-founded Intervideo, where he was responsible for sales, marketing and business development activities and helped drive over $30M in software revenue in three years. Sam’s spent over 15 years working across enterprise software, product development and open source strategy. Currently VP of strategy at Apigee & board member at the CodePlex Foundation, Sam works deeply within the developer, open source and social app communities to create a healthier, more productive ecosystem. Prior to Apigee, Sam led open source strategy across Microsoft and was a founding member of the AquaLogic product team at BEA. In his spare time, Sam enjoys the great outdoors, spending time with the kids, and bacon. Jeff Barr is a senior web services evangelist for Amazon Web Services. Jeff is focused on furthering awareness among software developers of the opportunity to innovate and build businesses using Amazon Web Services. In this role, Jeff travels, speaks, blogs, and conducts virtual events. James is a technologist, writer, developer & entrepreneur who has been working with the mobile web for over a decade. He is Senior Director of Developer Relations at Sencha. Previously he was the CTO at dotMobi and has a background in mobile startups, telecoms infrastructure and management consultancy. He speaks extensively on the topic of mobile web development, and has written books for both Wiley and Wrox.

    As you can tell, that’s very possibly a major Formatting Fail.. but that’s okay – It definitely gives you the gist of things :)  But by now I’m sure you know, few things are more important than.. the Agenda!


    9:00AM Registration and Breakfast + Networking
    9:30AM Dev Environment Setup Help
    10:00AM Kick-Off – Platform Lightning Talks
    11:00AM Lunch is Served!!!
    12:00PM Coding Starts
    6:00PM App Submission Deadline
    6:30PM App Demos
    7:15PM Content Winners Announced
    7:30PM Drinks!

    And let’s not forget, after the Hack-A-Thon is over, everyone will demo what was worked on, gather feedback and hand out prizes for audience favorites!

    Whoa! This sounds cool! So where do I sign up?!?!

    Click here to Sign Up for the Seattle Mobile App Hack-a-thon 

    I don’t think it can be any clearer than that, right! Hooray! But I guess it may be important to have the rest of the details in one place:

    • When: 
      • Saturday, April 16, 2011 from 9:00 AM – 7:30 PM (PT)
    • Where: 
      • F5 Offices
        401 Elliott Avenue West
        Seattle, WA 98119
    • Who:
      • Hackers, Mobile App, Developers, Ninjas, Gurus
    • Why:
      • Because it rocks! And you’ll enjoy it! (Oh, and did someone say NETWORKING?!??! :))
    • Where do I sign up?

    Well, there it is, the whole scoop and ready for you to rock this out! I hope you get in a slot before it fills up! Enjoy it, it’ll be a blast!

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    TechCrunch hosts Cloud Computing Round Table – Post Mortem

    February 28th, 2009

    Thanks TechCrunch for bringing us the Cloud Computing Round Table this Friday afternoon!

    When it was announced that this cloud event was going to go on, those of us who couldn’t be there were concerned about our ability to catch it.

    But in the passion and the inspiration of the Cloud and industry, they were able to get it streamed so folks like me in Chicago and folks across the world (to the tune of ~1500 watchers) were able to catch this great event.

    A number of companies were showing off their products in the beginning and the clear winners were Veodia and Diomede Storage

    Veodia—Video recording through the cloud.

    Diomede Storage—Cheap, green storage with power-saving technologies at one tenth the cost of Amazon S3. Or so they claim..

    They were judged, appropriately by this panel of judges:

    Dan’l Lewin, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft
    George Zachary, partner, Charles River Ventures
    Geoff Ralston, CEO LaLa
    David Bernstein, VP/General Manager, Cisco
    David Kralik, Silicon Valley office Director of Newt Gingrich

    And the interaction and discussion which ensued was enjoyed by all.  They did go easy and hard on some of the folks, but that is the game.

    In all, the whole event was pretty active on Twitter as well with #tccloud as well as regular discussion and conversation.  Some of the more active folks discussing the event were myself, @cxi, @ashley_martin, @neerajKA, @missrogue, and @tekoppele

    The livechat was pretty active as well! But none of us cached that for posterity!

    One of the major questions was – Will this information be available for watching later, and the answer is Yes! The Cloud Computing Round Table is available here to watch.

    So, if you were able to catch it, excellent! If not, I encourage you to watch it after the fact.

    The panelists had some great talking points, and the discussions albeit very light were informative to the parties watching.

    Special thanks to the Round Table of folks:

    Vic Gundotra, VP Engineering, Google
    Amitabh Srivastava, Corporate VP, Windows Azure
    Lew Tucker, CTO, Cloud Computing, Sun Microsystems
    Scott Dietzen, SVP Communications Products, Yahoo
    Paul Buchheit, Co-founder, FriendFeed; creator of Gmail
    Werner Vogels, CTO Amazon
    Mike Schroepfer, VP of Engineering, Facebook
    Gina Bianchini, CEO, Ning
    John Engates, CTO, Rackspace

    Marc Benioff, CEO,

    Thanks all of you who participated in the discussions… and I swear I’ll launch that Cloud blog when I have some free time… I just need 15 minutes ;)

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    Amazon Kindle has dropped in price to $359.00 down from $399.00

    June 2nd, 2008

    Yep, that’s right!
    So, I said that the Kindle was $399.00 before, well that story has changed! PRICE DROP!

    Feels like the iPhone a bit! (So much that, I have contacted the Kindle folks to see if those of us who were early adopters are entitled to Kindle-Credit!) I’ll let you know if I see anything happen out of that.

    Nonetheless, the further validation of this device as a useful and wonderful bookreader and more has been made by the market with a lowering of price! I’m sure competition, economics, recession and a number of things are to ’cause’, but it primarily says “We got something good going here and it works, so we can lower the price tag to make adoption even easier!”

    Those of you who haven’t checked out the Kindle before, I encourage you to give it a shot and check it out!

    If history has shown us anything, it isn’t going anywhere, and it’s only going to get better!

    So, be sure to check out the Kindle here!

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