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vAcupressure, VMworld Fun Run and other festivities!

August 28th, 2010

I’m sure by now you’ve seen all of the details of the vAcupressure event in SFO at VMworld! Take the pressure off VMworld with some AcuPressure Tweetup! (Sunday Aug 29)

As some of the other prevailing events have gotten finalized from a time perspective I’m adjusting the time ever so slightly for this in order to respect the times of registration / etc.

Now, the event will kick off around Noon on Sunday, starting from the W Hotel to head over there (you can meet us at (Lucky Foot Massage) or walk/public transit over with us. 

This will give more than enough time to allow for people to get back to Moscone for Shirt pickup for the VMworld Fun Run (Shirt Pickup runs from 3PM to 3:30PM) This also leaves time open to catch the Busses to the Fun Run at Moscone starting at 3:30PM

Not to mention this provides more than enough time for the MNTweetup and WuPaaS hosted at the Thirsty Bear.

So, hopefully this doesn’t disrupt anyone’s schedule or plans they had around joining vAcupressure! In any event, I’ll likely be there until ~3PM or so anyway (Getting my feet and hand rubbed!)

Don’t hesitate to contact me via txt/call at 630.362.1320 or try to reach me on Twitter! @cxi

See you all tomorrow! (We may do a follow-up on Friday after the con is over because our feet will likely hurt! ;))

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Take the pressure off VMworld with some AcuPressure Tweetup! (Sunday Aug 29)

August 23rd, 2010

Hey everyone who is fully committed and game to trying out some Acupressure in Chinatown!   Here are the “Plans” so to speak, as there are numerous things going on this SAME VERY Sunday!

I was thinking we’d be looking at around 2:00PM or so, at say.. the W Hotel [Which is RIGHT next to Moscone] (Or a better chosen location) and head our way over to Chinatown!

The location I have in mind is Lucky Foot Massage! – They quoted me on the phone 1HR Foot Massage $25 (We’ll confirm when we’re really there of course ;))

Lucky Foot Massage

If you’ve never had Acupressure done before, it’s been described as acupuncture without the needles or a nice soothing foot rub (which will hit EVERY button you didn’t realize you even had!)

I’ll be pursuing in the Acupressure hand-rub because I am skilled in acupressure and can rub my own feet (but I lack the two hands to work on my own hands!) – Great for that carpal tunnel!

This is especially beneficial (the timing was chosen because of this….) for those of you also attending the VMworld 2010 Fun Run at 5PM!

So if you are going to join us, come on down! We can have some hardcore Virtual conversations while our feet and hands are PHYSICALLY rubbed! :)

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