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Hi, I’m Christopher Kusek and I’m severely shy, Oh.. TechEd?!

May 17th, 2009

I think it’s important to make this particular distinction because a lot of people are obviously very confused about me in general!   So I’ll try to set the record straight!

For those of you who do not know me, I am extremely shy (Okay, not ultra-terribly-masterfully whereby I won’t leave the house) but I’m pretty damn shy!   Put me in a setting where I don’t know a single person, and I’ll be that guy off in the corner all alone :(  [That is an accurate representation…]

So the first thing you’re going to say is.. “Bus Tour? TechEd?! Dancing on Stage at Jam Sessions? I totally saw you with a tambourine jamming to Joey Snow! …Aren’t you a user group leader?!  You totally gave me a voucher, and my friend and interrogated me if I was an IT Pro or Developer!  Stop Yelling USB Drive sizes and throwing them to me?!” 

Okay, I’m not sure there were people who didn’t want the random swag (I tell you, dancing and handing out vouchers mid-strut is pretty cool ;))

But it bears sharing, that I like a number of people… are contextually shy.  Or respectively… Contextually NOT shy (Tech!shy?) :)    Yes, it is true.  If I don’t know anyone in a ‘crowded bar’ or something in some type of social setting I am –screwed!- hands down!   But apply an ‘assumption’ to the context  “There is a somewhat chance or probability… that they might ALSO be involved in technology?!” (It helps if you’re at a Technical Conference, or conference after party) and then all bets are off!

I like many people suffer from a condition known as “I don’t want to bother you on the off chance that we share absolutely nothing in common”  The fact that every single person in the world uses technology in one shape or form is not enough to override this feature, because just because you’re a ‘consumer’, does not mean you are a ‘user’ or beyond.    So, wearing a geek shirt usually raises the bar “ooh, potential geek! lets engage them!”

For the 2000+ or so people I met and talked to this past week, don’t go thinking I’m all mr sociable (the action, not the cracker)  because of what you saw me do, infact you can do it yourself, just commit to being ‘socially acceptable in mutually underlying company’ = win? :)

So, if it’s not a technical conference or technical event I likely won’t approach you (Great, right? ;)) so feel free to approach me, I’m very approachable albeit often oblivious :)   Who knows if I’ll break the Tech!shy to reach into other contexts, if that happens, oh my! :)

Oh, and I had an absolutely amazing time meeting each and every one of you! Especially you guys: Detroit, Ottawa, Tampa and DC – You guys were great :)

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To booth babe or not to booth babe? Winner winner Cisco Dinner!

May 17th, 2009

Here I am, at TechEdNA09, walking around the Partner part of the floor and I come across the Cisco Booth “Hey, want to play our game? Just answer a few questions and you could win a Flip Mino Ultra Camera!”  I’m always game, for well, playing a game so I definitely took the opportunity to try to play.   For those of you not familiar with this game, it’s a basic touch screen of a question and 4 selections (A, B, C, D) you have to choose from.

Once you press continue the game starts, and you’re off!   Well, it took me 7 seconds (Yes, 7 seconds, because I’m an idiot! But I’m only an idiot once, and for a VERY short amount of time)  but seriously, it took me 7 seconds to decide “oh, I should hit the ABCD at the bottom and not the ones on the actual questions! Oh well, hey I’m tired! Leave me alone!) all that.. in 7secs ;)

So, I answer begin going through the questions at this point… Yay! answer, answer answer, wow look at all that Cisco Marketing Value Add proposition, UCS Value? Total rock! Got that!

(It’s a good thing I got my Ph,D. in inferred marketing knowledge, understanding of how questions are typically written, and I teach “how to answer questions” classes ;)

So, 26 seconds after my little ‘wtf where do I press’  hiccup, I finish the game.

If you want your name blurred out, let me know ;)

Immediately after I finish the game the person running the game said “zOMFG! That’s the fastest anyone has done it” I’m paraphrasing a little bit here ;)

She says my chances of winning are fairly high… that’s cool, taking that into consideration and the fact that I’m already here I say the most expected thing you’d want in a booth as a vendor “Hey, since I’m likely to win this, tell me about your UCS value add!”

And here is where the fatal words come about, “Oh, err, sorry.  I’m just a booth babe!”

DoH!   Many discussions ensued around this during the week because apparently, I expect more of the people in the booths “Hey, there’s an attractive woman working in a high tech booth, they must know their product pretty solid to be there”.  Yes, I do make that assumption and will continue to make that assumption (high-tech is hot?! :))

Ofcourse, when it is clearly obvious I tend to not be ‘confused’ (there was a booth run by women in cocktail dresses? I don’t remember the product, because well, I’d rather talk to people who give off the impression of knowing their stuffs? k thx bye!)

Fortunately, every other booth I encountered run by beautiful women happened to be deeply technical and could discuss not only the product at a high level, but dive into the weeds with the best of them.   (If you were fortunate to meet up with the intelligent “babes” like those representing Accusoft Pegasus, AT&T DevCentral and  DevExpress you benefited intellectually for the better!)

Disclaimer: I do not ever refer to the term ‘babes’ outside of quotes, unless I’m talking about that movie with the pig, or somehow am strangely referring to a small group of extremely small children.  But I had to fit it within the scope of the “Booth Babe” phenomenon which I frankly was oblivious to, because I find that Women in Technology tend to be extremely accomplished and typically well distinguished.

The lesson I hope you take away from this is, assume intelligence and beauty over just chalking it up to a booth babe and the “Is there a man I can talk to?” as it’s rather demeaning not only to the individual, but to all women who invest in themselves and their futures.

We are  fortunate, that beauty and brains are simply a natural mixture :)

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