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Coolest Gift Ever! USB Rechargeable Batteries! (USBCELL and MOIXA)

May 31st, 2009

Happy Fathers Day to me! I got one of the coolest gifts you can imagine! That’s right! USB Rechargeable batteries! When you’re as hard to shop for as I happen to be… finding something I’ll enjoy that I don’t already own is nearly impossible, but that task was accomplished with this!  (Yes I know Fathers Day isn’t for a few weeks, but we’re celebrating early this year!)

USBCELL Moixa AA Batteries

Part of what makes this so cool is it’s sheer portability!  I don’t know about you, but I have a number of devices I carry with me which use AA Batteries (or batteries in general) and having to carry a charger is quite lame, let alone the fact that they tend to explode in their chargers.

Problem no more though!   So I want to thank the folks of USBCell and Moixa for this, oh and thanks to Emily for thinking of this gift idea to give to me! :)

Plugged in USBCell AA Batteries Batteries Expose


It also looks like they’re creating some new devices.. AAA, C/D, 9V and Phone/Device batteries! So be on the look out for the other stuff which is so often running out of juice! :)



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