Certification Mailing List?!

August 28th, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

So as you may know I will actively write about Certification related things and free exams as I find them.    What some of you might not know is that I do also send email notifications out to a number of folks I know informing them of the updates, posts, new exams, etc.

However, that’s been ad-hoc usually driven by me to inform my friends, associates and others I’ve worked with and met over the years.

On the flip-side of that (as I sometimes am delayed in posting about the exams, or emailing – vice versa)  Anyone who does want to be added to my mailing list about various things in certification.   The consideration is open for you to simply ask to receive the mailing :)

No matter what I’ll continue to send email blasts (not too often, this is as I encounter them) so it’s not spam and it’s opt-in and opt-out entirely on your own!

I already mail it out, so it’s not a problem for me to add your address to my Outlook created list :) (~250 or so people currently receive it)

So, let me know! comment here, shoot me an email, whatever :)


Good luck testing!

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More free tests (Check Free Test Archive) and insanity!

August 26th, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

I’ve been insanely busy lately!

  • Finished up a 10 month project.  
  • Our new kitchen is in! (mostly)
  • I just reloaded Vista on my laptop – good times
  • Food Poisoning… on the weekend?!
  • I won a Zune!





I just noticed there is a mannequin in my bedroom… WTF?






Especially – I posted several new beta exams in the Free Test Archive! Be sure to check them out!  SQL, SBS… more SQL?!

So, keep your eyes out for new and interesting things, as soon as my cycles come back I can deliver on the slew of backlog… but there’ll be mysteries of the mind… more certifications… and mannequins.. grin

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ONTAP 7.3: SNMPv3 Supported, DFM 3.7: SNMPv3 Supported!

August 16th, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

So, I mentioned before that SNMPv3 is supported.  But what does this really mean, and how does this help me?

Here in the release notes we cite "SNMPv3 supported"

  • Support for snmpbulkwalk providing all leaves in an SNMP tree with a single query
  • Support for snmpbulkget collecting all leaves in an SNMP tree with a single query
  • Counter64-Based MIBs, resulting in error reduction!
  • And Auth no privacy with MD5!

Configuring DFM has never been so easily as documented in the Operations Guide.

The best part being, you can do an all-inclusive or individual selection of who you’ll be monitoring via SNMPv3.  (In my environment for testing, I have some filers not running 7.3, so I have those configured via SNMPv2 and the rest of my 7.3’s with SNMPv3) Works like a champ!

There are a number of reasons to upgrade to 7.3, and for those security conscious folks, this is just another one!

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CWUG Olympics this Monday!!! (In Downers Grove!)

August 16th, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

That’s right! I’m actually telling you about the CWUG when it ISNT the day of the event!

And lo and behold, there will be some great things going on this Monday in Downers Grove!

We bring you the CWUG Geek Olympics, with prizes of sorts, food as always and more Points to help secure your place in winning the Laptop at the end of the year!

I’d highly encourage you to register for this event, but don’t hesitate to email or call me if you find that registration is full… I might be able to pull some strings! ;)

This will be a very special event, with beasts! …definitely Geek Trivia, Competition and Prizes!


Don’t wait! Sign up now! (And most importantly, show up)



5PM-6PM – Food, Networking, etc
6PM-9PM – Competition, Trivia, Prizes, Education, Technology, insanity!

So, come on down! I’ll seeeeeeee you there!

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70-113 Post Mortem: TS Windows Server 2008 (Performance|Pilot)

August 14th, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Let me start off with a warning about this exam.

This test is not available everywhere, and for good reason.   It is a complicated exam which launches a Real Virtual Lab environment which is run off of a server across the Internet.

The key word there being "Internet", which this often implies not having Routing issues, connection problems, speed, latency (Lag) and other client to server remote connection issues.

Lets just say, I ran into some of those issues – And you might as well.   I went in with an expectation to potentially have some problems.  Exam launched, Click connect to visit the lab and BAM – no connection.   3 hours later of them ‘resetting the exam‘ I was then able to connect into the server.   Sadly I did not have the amount of time to fully take advantage of the exam, but I did have the opportunity to read, review and comment.

The labs are interesting, it’s a true server (help files and all) and command line and other decisions and exploitations and choices you’d make on a server host.   But beware.

I encountered all that I mentioned, lag, connection issues, delay, and a slew of other ‘technical’ issues which can happen to anyone.   Great exam for what it is worth (and I commented away based upon the content and delivery) But do approach this Pilot with an expectation that you MAY encounter issues.   Prometric CAN work them out, but the Helpdesk will likely have no idea what is going on and what to do (Hopefully this 3 hour ‘lesson’ will prepare them for the next person who takes it)

Good luck, and Good Testing!

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