Microsoft TechEd NA 2010 – Register by Dec 31 2009 and save $300!

December 8th, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Yea I think that’s pretty clear in the title though I think it bears repeating!

Register by December 31, 2009 and Save $300 for TechEd

This years TechEd North America will be hosted in none other than New Orleans, LA! – Which frankly is a GREAT city to host a TechEd in (I went ~10 years ago in NOLA – Good times!)

What this year does have on track for those of you looking to attend are – talking points and ways to convince your boss!

Want to Attend Tech-Ed? Convince your boss! Explain the value that attending Tech-Ed will provide for you and the company! 

This actually takes you to a web-form which will generate off an email and send it to your boss :)

Send me to Tech-Ed 2010! Convince your Boss!

Now from a personal perspective, the benefit and value of this promotion is pretty severe.  I attended TechEd NA 2009 (Maybe you met me! I personally talked to ~3000 people!) And with that said, the attendance was dismal as far as I was concerned! Not to mention there was a great imbalance of Developers compared to IT Pro’s!    So the value of convincing your boss is and should be very important – considering the fact that VMWorld had 3-4x the number of participants yet worldwide FAR more people work within the space of Microsoft Technologies (Hey, I love VMware too, but you’d think we’d atleast get a decent attendance!)

I’ll be ‘convincing’ my boss, and so should you!   So, I’ll see you at TechEd (By hook or by crook :)) And what better time to convince than when you can save $300! :)

I'm somewhere in that picture, though I can definitely make out @markmorow

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